Emiel van Dijk

guitarist / composer

Titel About the piece
1 Funky Walker The bass walks through the piece and meets some funky strummings along the way.
2 Il Ritorno Del Sole The sun, after a short eclips in E minor, returns in E major near the end of the piece.
3 Pixaim This is a Frevo, a carnival dance originated from the northeastern cities of Brazil.
4 Enigma ..... ?
5 Blueprint This blues came blue out of my printer because that was the only color left.
6 Who Wants To Live Forever Queen's haunting song arranged in a Lisztian way.
7 Sunbeam Can also be listened to without sunglasses.
8 Pass To Call Ya A hommage to G. F. Händel with a passacaglia emerging in the second half.
9 Sonata K175 Scarlatti's 25 year stay at the Spanish court definitely influenced his writing for harpsichord. In this sonata he imitates the strumming of the spanish guitar with wild acciacatura chords on the keyboard. So with this transcription the circle is complete: The guitar imitates a harpsichord that imitates the guitar...
10 Jorge Do Fusa Annibal Augusto Sardinha (Garoto) was one of the first innovators of the Brazilian guitar. This chôro is probably named after the 32th note "fusa" whole tone lick.
11 O Mio Babbino Caro My arrangement of Puccini's famous soprano aria from his opera Gianni Schicchi.
12 Pickin' Some Chicken A fingerpickin' piece, with thanks to all our chickens for the lix in the middle part.
13 How The Candle Burns A late night jazz ballad.

"Blueprint, een adembenemend debuut"
(Artikel in "Pulling the Strings" )



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