Emiel van Dijk

guitarist / composer

"Blueprint, a breathtaking debut"Blueprint

"Emiel van Dijk plays to a climax"
Article in "Pulling the Strings" infomagazine from Harry Sacksioni)

Emiel van Dijk made his CD 'Blueprint to make his music known to a broather audience.
And that audience may by thankfull for that.
Blueprint is really a superb CD.
All compositions are written or arranged by Emiel.
Some pieces that he plays on the guitar are supported by percussion.
In his music influences from Pop, Classic and Jazz mix effortless.

Red line
The basis for his compositions is mosty a melody in his head.
This melodic theme will than be developed harmonic and with various variations on the guitar.
This way of composing, from the melody with variations, is the red line though his pieces.
Emiel is inspired by different styles of music, this is unmistakebly there on his debut CD.
Out of inkcolours In the openingpiece Funky Walker the bas meets some funky-styles in this Fusion-Jazz like composition.
A refreshing opening. In the more classical 'Il Ritorno Del Sole' and 'Pass To Call Ya' the influence from Emiel's conservatory background becomes evident in the way he plays and composes.
Not that he does it by the rules, on the contrary.
Emiel: 'I take from the education the parts that I think are interesting; for example, though analysing classical masterpieces I get al sort of ideas for my own compositions or arrangements.
In my pieces I sometimes work to a climax, this happens also a lot in classical pieces.'
The Blues is also no the CD in the titelpiece "Blueprint"; played on a steelstring guitar build by Adrian Farmer.
Blueprint came blue out of his printer because it was out of the other inkcolors!

Like Sacksioni played various arrangements of songs from his heroes, Van Dijk made a arrangement on this CD of the song 'Who Wants To Live Forever' from Queen, one of his heroes.
A really well succeeded arrangement.
He likes variation in both music as guitars.
He changes like Harry between nylon and steelstring guitars.
'from Harry I like the way he got his typical own style.
I like this typical Sacksioni fingerpicking style because it sounds so spontaneous', as Emiel said.
And truly, the piece 'Pickin' Some Chicken' sounds in the middle part really like a hen-house.
At the moment Emiel is busy composing for his second CD.
You can listen to Fragments of the CD "blueprint" on www.emielvandijk.com.
By the way this site is worth visiting.
Besides a concertagenda and a biografy there are guitarlessons with clear chord progressions and links to other guitarplayers like Leo Kotke and Harry Sacksioni.
The CD Blueprint with its 13 beautiful compositions is recorded by himself and can be ordered by Emiel van Dijk.