Emiel van Dijk

guitarist / composer

Across the Borders

Across the Borders

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Titel About the piece
1 Inner-city Light The inner-city light replaces the sun at night and makes the people move.
2 Panamerican Highway This is the longest road in the world and reaches from Alaska to southern Argentina - over about 25.000 km. I only drove a small bit of this road myself in Mexico. Some things I encountered are in this piece: A bit of a tune played by 2 marimba players in Chiapas, a twisting Beetle (the car), a flat tire and hours of driving through a wide scenery.
3 Heartbeat An ode to the most beautiful sound on earth.
4 El Paso De La Cigarra The Cuban cigar burns its feet when it dances and starts to smoke.
5 Under The Olive Tree This is where I want to be when I'm in the mediterranean area.
6 Easy Way Out My thumb is the double-bassplayer in this piece and he's trying to find the easy way out.
7 Bahia A hommage to the great Brazilian Guitarist/ Composer Baden Powell.
8 Stars In Orbit Everything is in orbit, and so are you!
9 Adagio For (6) Strings The beginning of this famous adagio is transformed into a Trance version. This arrangement is inspired by the 2000 remix of W.Orbit and F.Corsten.

10 No Alarm Clock Today

11 Morning Dawn  
12 Good Morning  
13 Awareness Of Time Time made us come and makes us go, we can't stop the eternal flow, what a blow!
14 Modern Angel More than an Angel.

"The CD opens with the piece 'Inner-city Light': seldom a classical guitar sounded so funky. A breath of Cuban lightness and 'Buena Vista Social Club' comes with the titel 'El Paso de la Cigarra' from the speakers through the domestic livingroom. Musical-paintings like the three-part 'Good Morning Suite', sensitive ballads like 'Heartbeat' and pieces with driving grooves and swinging basslines - very impressive is the piece 'Easy Way Out', where he succeeded in a marvellous manner to imitate a double bass - this shows the extraordinary versatility of the young guitarist. A versatility, that fortunately doesn't fall into arbitrary and the album stands out very homogeneous."
(From a review of 'Across the Borders' by GitarreHamburg.de march 2002.)